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Over the last several years, sex toy companies and shops have asked all of us to review their unique toys in return for, you are aware, their particular toys. This week, a anonymous reviewers tried out the
Lelo Ina Wave
, a bunny dildo sent to us by



  • Material: silicone polymer
  • Colors: teal, purple or pink
  • Size: 8″ long, 4 1/4″ insertable, 1 1/2″ in diameter
  • Cost: $199

We watched the Ina Wave inside my neighborhood sex toy store and appreciated new “come hither” movement concept. It seemed like it will be nearly the same as the way I fancy my personal g-spot stimulated with fingers, utilizing the extra extra of clit pleasure. (I would in addition never utilized a rabbit-style vibrator before.) I’m not an enormous lover of powerful clitoral pressure or vibration, but this vibrator has several speeds so I believed it might go low adequate in my situation. However it eventually failed to issue so it really does — between your wave motion and also the firm clit-stimulating nub, the Ina Wave pinches practically too much to utilize.


I can’t appear to get this model to work well with my human body. I am sore after deploying it as the bunny nub has actually a lot of stress to my clitoris in addition to place around it. I managed to get it to fit correctly when I ended the trend movement in the point the shaft was actually furthest away from the nub so that it ended up being since available as is possible, pulled the nub back the whole way using my fingers during insertion, and softly give it time to spring back in situation.

And once constantly in place, it didn’t feel happy — the strain on my clit was actually in excess. In my opinion the nub is located in a different way or perhaps bendable or flexible fit some systems. I tried it a couple of times and discovered it far too pinchy for it in long enough to experiment more. I got a task companion check it out too whom wants more powerful clitoris force than I do, nevertheless they additionally believed it was too pinchy and threw in the towel after one minute.

However attempted by using the revolution motion. The shaft’s waving is essentially along such that could in theory hit the g-spot. We made you a gif to show:

I discovered I experienced to put up the handle securely positioned while I used the wave configurations, and/or toy only utilized the bunny nub as a pivot point or worked the way out of my human body. Additionally, it pinched harder and don’t feel appear that unique of the normal non-wave options.

The doll has actually ten modes and three cannot wave, to help you turn the motion off if it’s excessively. You are able to adjust the speed/intensity per mode for multiple feelings. Should you hold-down the + and – keys collectively for a few moments you activate or deactivate a travel lock therefore the dildo doesn’t turn by itself in your bag and anxiety the TSA. I love the keys are clean and never elevated, it seems nicer quality this way, and they remained easy to find without appearing.

The exterior in the Ina Wave is actually an extremely luxurious gentle silicon, such as the handle. The silicone polymer is quite easy, and fairly grippy, so you might must make use of lubricant. It also accumulates dust: The presentation appeared good nevertheless the lining for the box was actually felted and kept quite a few black fuzz from the toy, making it seem dirty. Thankfully that every arrived off once I washed it.

Whenever the bundle came, I accidentally got a British adaptation in place of an US adaptation, thus while the toy ended up being the exact same, the plug ended up being a big UK three-prong connect. Fortunately I have a travel adapter so I could recharge it, together with British plug it was included with was 100–240v.

The manual claims it is water-resistant and submergible as much as 1m, and therefore the within in the dc connect slot is actually waterproof. But In my opinion for $200 it must have induction charging, or at least some address on the dc plug interface keeping it clean.

In the long run Really don’t suggest this model, but Lelo does generate a non-rabbit variation which could do the fantastic trend movement (if the doll is actually presented securely by you or perhaps by somebody) and actually fit much more bodies.

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