According to the
national stats workplace from inside the Netherlands
– the CBS -women may get married than males, however their marriages are more likely to digest.

Holland turned into the first country on the planet to accept same gender weddings, once the first same-sex lovers fastened the knot on April 1, 2001.

Subsequently, almost 700 lesbian lovers and 500-600 gay lovers have received hitched in the country each year.

Of those, around 200 feminine and 100 male partners are certain to get divorced, the CBS stated.

Of 580 wedding events between two ladies enclosed in 2005, 30per cent had finished ten years later on.

Among males, the 10-year separation rate is just about 15per cent. One out of five wedding parties between a man and woman ends in breakup.

One basis for the reduced divorce case rate among gay men could possibly be the fact they have a tendency to obtain hitched when earlier, the CBS stated.

One in five homosexual males is over age 55 as he will get married.

Acceptance Tanja Ineke, chairwoman of the LGBT legal rights reception group COC, told broadcaster Nos that larger splitting up rate among females may be because lesbians tend to be less acknowledged.

There was more interest compensated to discrimination regarding homosexual men. Discrimination against ladies is less noticeable but definitely is present. Lesbians frequently believe they have been taken much less seriously.’

Despite the split up rate, there is cause for party, she stated.

fifteen years ago the Netherlands had been one nation allowing same gender partners attain married. Ever since then, 20 countries have actually implemented suit. Which is really great.’

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