These books will help you discover your passion, whether you’re an experienced educator or are a new teacher seeking motivation. These books are filled with inspiring teaching ideas that offer research-based insights and practical classroom strategies that will help you to ignite your creativity, compassion, and connection with your students.

This best-selling book focuses on the power of teachers to alter lives. Rafe Esquith, a fifth-grade teacher, challenges the conventional beliefs about the educational barriers. His stories of students who excelled at Shakespeare and algebra inspire readers.

The authors of this article explore how teachers can use programs that encourage mindfulness to help students overcome trauma, anxiety and anxiety. By using a step-bystep method, the authors show how to foster a safe and positive learning environment that leads to student success.

This book focuses on the importance of listening to students’ voice and providing an adaptable, differentiated curriculum that is inclusive of all learners. The authors provide suggestions on how to encourage students in the classroom to become leaders and advocates for themselves.

This book is a powerful one that emphasizes the importance of teaching students to be brave. The author, a former teacher, tells her personal tale of courage and teaches readers about the many different types of bravery that are required to thrive in the world from having the courage to be yourself, to being a role model for other people.

This collection of stories, put together by editor Joseph Underwood, answers two crucial questions. Each contributor discusses their undeniable break-through moments and the lessons they’ve learned during the process, edifying readers without being smug or preachy.