Business management technology combines engineering and science disciplines in conjunction with management and business training to prepare leaders for jobs that are heavily dependent on technology and science. More than ever before, businesses are looking for STEM-advanced managers who are proficient in the art and business sciences.

Technology leaders today are being pressured to meet new demands in terms of flexibility, speed and transparency. They also have to demonstrate how their work is aligned with the business strategy. This requires a fresh approach that allows the function to generate value, not just keep it. This is why a lot of organizations are turning towards technology-based business management (TBM).

TBM is an area of study that provides a comprehensive framework for monitoring, planning, and billing, budgeting, benchmarking and optimization of the complete IT portfolio across all delivery and development models. It helps finance and tech leaders to understand the real impact of technology developments and ensures that the investments they make are in line to their goals and strategy of the organization.

The program is offered at both COTC campuses as well as on the internet. It could be combined with an associate degree in business to get a bachelor’s level degree through our 2+2 program. This program is designed to prepare students for entry level management, supervisory and administrative trainee positions in the service and production industries. It is a balanced curriculum that provides an integrated and practical approach to the functions of business operations, including human resources, marketing and management as well as supervision. It also provides a comprehensive general education program and the option of electives.